Rein of Winter

An Early Frost

The Mad Dash for Glory Begins

Chak – Chak arrived at a small inn in the sleepy village of Heldran in Taldor, the previous night with his travel companion, eager to continue to Qadira in the morning, he never expected the adventure that was to drop into his lap in the morning. The next morning Chak – Chak shortly after breakfast, as he finished gathering his gear to leave, Chak – Chak heard the screams of villages, and the roar of ogres. Chak – Chak and his companion, rush out to the lobby and are greeted by the sight of a witch looking out the open front door. Standing in a wide stance in the door’s threshold, a human ranger shot his bow, at a raging ogre in the inn’s front yard whom was crushing an unfortunate villager.



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